CLAPPIO | Anonymous Feedback Platform

CLAPPIO – Listening to you always.

We are PokemonGO for Smart Cities. For governments and businesses, implementing IoT network for cities/industries on tight budgets is time, cost, and resource expensive. THINKTANK’s CLAPPIO enables governments/businesses to communicate with their citizens, employees, customers. CLAPPIO makes smart citizens, smart mayor resulting in the smart city.

CLAPPIO tallies up audience likes and dislikes in real time and this analytics can be displayed anywhere you like.

CLAPPIO is location and time-based application. CLAPPIO enables a six-year-old kid to sixty years old to provide feedback at the same speed and is a device & language agnostic solution. All the user needs to do is lift this thumb and put it down to CLAPP or NAPP as much as he wants on CLAPPIO. Governments & Businesses can build Smartcity with CLAPPIO.

No need to install sensors around the city. We will track and report about your government office or business performance as long as you are on the map. We will help you collect valuable feedback and report to your business. We enable businesses and governments to constantly learn and adapt. CLAPPIO has the power to bring people together.

CLAPPIO can be used to make a city
1. Energy efficient: Self-empowering citizens to monitor places.
2. Education & Employment: Self-expression with no complex surveys or questionnaires.
3. Urban Planning: Improve life in the city and develop the economic fabric.
4. Sharing & Collaborative City: We have reduced all the entry barriers so we get maximum sharing.
5. Wellbeing: A happy citizen means a healthy city, where he is allowed to express himself freely.