Our Team | Research and Development

Team: We are an international team with employees from the UK, USA, India, Taiwan, Japan & Indonesia. As a collective, we understand the living conditions of the city better around the world.

We believe if you can measure something then you should measure it. This is because measurement has been key to many scientific discoveries and has realized many benefits to businesses. Thinktank can help you use our knowledge and experience to conduct research and development for you to explore low-cost data intensive scientific discovery building upon empirical description, intelligent modelling and simulation of real markets.

Our research is contributing to a more in-depth understanding of what drives innovation and economic growth in an entrepreneurial world, and best practices for improving academic achievement in Taiwan.

We conduct and support research that informs and educates entrepreneurs, public and government on how data could be used effectively to cut waste. We conduct research activities to support our hypothesis and enable data driven decision models to predict future.

We have found complex patterns and relationships unseen by business, as they are busy with their business as usual activities. Adding our data analytics capability it is possible extract useful insights very quickly as we know where to find them.

Our experienced scientists work with framework for data repositories which adheres to international standards, sets common storage protocols and metadata, protects integrity of the data. This ensures that your data is in safe secure hands.

We live, breathe and speak volume, velocity and variety – the three main characteristics of big data and are commonly called the three Vs ( Gartner, 2011), thereby delivering value to you.

What does Thinktank Research and Development offer?

Our research group conducts research that is capable of solving real problems in practice, creating theoretical abstractions from practice to develop research that is relevant and applicable across all sectors of industry, so that the impact of our research is substantial.

We have extensive robust and experienced contacts to collaborate with like-minded people and organisations in the academic, industrial and public sectors, on the local, national and international front.

We will work with you seamlessly to meet a cross-functional activity that seeks to uncover product knowledge hidden within the end-to-end production flow, typically in the hand-over points between functional units.

How do Thinktank Research and Development create value?

We create the most customer value with the least amount of resources for joint prosperity.

1) How to satisfy customers

2) What the production value streams look like.

Knowledge creating processes are far less deterministic than transactional processes because they need learning and problem solving as part of the process – not just the continuous improvement. Thinktank can actively create value by nudging you at right time to learn and support you to solve problems.