Currently, in-car telematics record whole trip journeys which lead to serious privacy issues & low adoption rate of car telematics for insurance. We aim to overcome these issues by only reporting car or driving anomalies to derive a running risk profile for cars and drivers.  Get all old cars enabling risk management for cars & ridesharing economy by AI benchmarking car risk profiles at the edge.

URBANI – Presented by Hacking House

Smart Mobility Impact:
Insurance: Holistic view for insurance calculation across all cars (Old, Current & Future). More accurate underwriting, risk mitigation, management and claims service.
Traffic: Real-Time risk profile on the road. Potential for V2V
Report Theft: Authentication, integrity, encryption, anti-replay, anti-jamming, embedded SSL
UX: Plug & Play IoT Device
Messages: What is wrong with your car and driving anomalies.
Benefits: Reduce your insurance premium through corrective measures in their driving or car maintenance.
Transparency: Auditing and regulation made easy with Blockchain