EXIT ROCKS | Taking you places happily with subway metro and underground



We normally get lost without knowing which exit to take in a new Metro station. This happens every minute at all Metro station in the world.

We help people to travel to their destination happily by providing the nearest exit in a Subway/Metro station and other facilities so that you can plan your journey on any Internet smartphone.

This enables Metro companies to take more passengers on the same infrastructure with no additional staff or trains or extending train platforms.

To help locals and tourists visiting a new city, it is hard for them to remember the name of the locations where the event occurs/sightseeing attraction addressees. In EXIT we help by listing all the locations in English and Chinese so they just click the desired location and we will route the directions and the exit facilities for them.

We are currently working in France to export the innovation from Taiwan. EXIT currently works at Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taoyuan, Paris, Fukuoka -Japan, Bangkok, New York, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore.

Exit works on all browsers, mobile phones, desktops, ipads and tablets. No need to download another app on your phone.


  1. No download.
  2. Links travel or transport authorities.
  3. One click search.
  4. One app for all cities.

Type and select your destination
We will find you:

  1. Nearest EXIT
  2. Services available at your EXIT
  3. Nearest Toilet
  4. Nearest Handicap access
  5. Nearest Sightseeing EXIT


Idea Origination:

We saw a lot of people always standing in front of the yellow board in MRT. Sometimes old people were unable to read or didn’t get a chance as there were so many people in front of the information board.


Second, we also saw that there was always a lot of people in the queue in information point and the information desk had to answer the same questions to most visitors about exit or toilets or elevators or escalators


Third, we found tourists were little scared to ask help as they didn’t know Chinese and just took the nearest exit and subjected to crossing roads and waiting in traffic signals along with rain, the sun, pollution.


We did our research and found it was not just Taipei problem it was same in Kaohsiung and most major cities around the world where we would travel from Taipei


We wanted to help Taiwanese in Taiwan and when they travel out of Taiwan. We also wanted to show Taiwan was a smart nation to tourists who visit Taiwan with our product.

EXIT – Taking you place happily